On this page you can find detailed information about the current citizens of Danish App Lab and what they are doing. If you wish to see more about what is going on, some of the citizens have provided a link to their website. You can also get in touch with each team if you want to.


Converting traditional games into educational games. Implementing an educational task and rewarding the player in-game. Thereby basing the educational goal on the original goal of the game. Website: Contact:


MAGZ can recognize all products in print magazines and deep-link to the product in online partner stores. We generate B2B revenue by bringing readers directly from print into participating web-stores. MAGZ makes content behind the firewall of magazines interactive and feed our partners with analytics about user’s interest in physical products. Website: Contact:

Dr Jobs

Delivering location-based job ads as well as easily commutable job opportunities, incorporating public transport data. Website: Contact:


Gamification of Dating! We are changing the business model and mechanics of dating sites. This happens by creating a new social platform which gamifies dating and bring social connection in it. The heart of the platform is Gamification and acquiring digital assets by achievements, which enables the change of business model from Subscription to totally … Continue reading Datmark


We are building an e-groceries platform, that local grocers can join easily – without any extra tech on their side – and start selling to modern consumers online, then pack it for them in advance for a quick pick-up. Website: Contact:


French nationals and French lifestyle groupies, scattered around the globe, search for local places, events, news and people that remind them the French way of life. Francis App bring them “French lifestyle”, no matter where they are in the world. Website: Contact:


Building a platform to hire a great tech team that works from the same office. We do this by setting up training institutes and hiring the best graduates. Once hired, the graduates are possible to hire through Website: Contact:

Worklife Barometer

We are in process of taking a unique concept to marked that addresses wellbeing at work (Trivselsmonitorering). We use an electronic version (built as a mobile app) of Professor Per Bech psychometric instrument WHO-5, coupled to a proactive approach; In case a person makes a low score in the model our team of business psychologists … Continue reading Worklife Barometer


We make Internet-of-Things sensors for tracking food, waste, packages and more. All remotely, all sustainable, all in cloud. Website: Contact:


A social media platform/app in English making the city more interactive and cosmopolitan offering: practical information about the city, a comprehensive listing of B2C businesses that can generate do-it-yourself daily deals and events. All this is searchable and filterable with a preference based profile to which information is pushed to the end-user. Website: Contact: or

Stress Graph

Measuring stress using sensors. Website: N/A Contact:


Create a innovative and modern software for activity- and accomodationsbusinesses in the Tourism sector. Website: Contact:


We create compliant, secure and innovative digital health solutions. For better access to care, quality of care and efficiency of care. Website: Contact:


PhysioHelper: Help people to get rid of their pain. Ex lower back pain. Point at your pain spot and get your app. The app contains little 3D exercise programs. You can choose your instructor among 8 different avatars – 4 races – 4 men + 4 women. You can set up a reminder to help … Continue reading PhysioHelper


Picturize. Visual insight See what your costumers see. Picturize is a tool to capture consumer behaviour in pictures and text. See what your customers see Imagine what insights you can get of your product or service when understand customer behaviour by asking questions and collecting images. Set up a user panel to respond in a … Continue reading Picturize


Nikimedia is a charity app that enables users to donate to their own selected charities without paying even one øre from their money! it is a solution that allows user to earn credits by accepting sponsored contents of advertisers on their desktop/mobile. for every day of having sponsored image on desktop, advertiser -who enjoys from … Continue reading Nikimedia


A search engine that increase the connectivity of the fashion businesses that constantly need to improve their supply & demand matching activity. Joinrs aim is to reverse the current system reintroducing small volumes, innovation, networking, fluid competencies and the customer´s view in the discourse of the fashion B2B. Website: Contact:


Archii re-introduces the archivist tradition – in a digital version. Everybody focuses on hosting which has simply moved the documentation mess from the desk to a mess in the cloud. We focus on actual indexing and naming or each document in one uniform structure across a company to ensure that each employee does not save … Continue reading Archii