Picturize. Visual insight

See what your costumers see. Picturize is a tool to capture consumer behaviour in pictures and text.

See what your customers see

Imagine what insights you can get of your product or service when understand customer behaviour by asking questions and collecting images. Set up a user panel to respond in a combination of pictures and a logbook.

Get instant feedback.

With just a smartphone in hand the user panel engage with your questionnaire. Remember, it’s not the camera gear, but their stories that counts. They will provide you with valuable insights. Go ahead. Picturize it.

Connect. Build. Share

Our dashboard lets you build amazing visual insights. All your data is safe stored and photos are available for download in raw format. Extract and sort data, and use it to reach your goals

Available for iOS and Android116

Website: www.picturize.dk
Contact: Jan Juul: jan@picturize.dk – Søren Øbro: soren@picturize.dk