AAU-Cph HumLab

Main facility and group rooms for Students within the Humanistic Faculty. It consists of one large main space with varied furniture and whiteboard walls, six older iMacs for word processing, web browsing and other non-intensive tasks. Furthermore, there is one lounge area, two quiet group rooms and six group rooms/edit suites. The group rooms/edit suites is furnished with newer iMacs, extra monitor, professional studio speakers and software for transcription, audio and video editing, as well as other software on an as-needed and communicated basis. The room is at times used for overflow from conferences, workshops and seminar, the one requirement being that the space cannot be closed down for students during these events.

Location and contacts: A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 5th floor, Sebastian Bülow (zippo@its.aau.dk)