Electronics / FabLab Workshop

The electronic and fabrication laboratory is a workshop that allows you to build (almost) anything. It includes electronic and prototyping equipment, 3D printing and laser cutting facilities such as:

  • 3D printing using PLA and ABS plastics, including extensions for support materials
  • Laser cutting (Universal Laser PLS-6.150D: 60Watts, max material size 813 x 457 mm)
  • Circuit board manufacturing via etching, inkjet-printed (flexible), and even fabric circuits
  • Milling machine and other manual machining equipment (drill press, etc.)

Location and contact: Frederikskaj 12, ground floor. http://media.aau.dk/facilities/laboratories/electronics-fablab-workshop. The electronic and fabrication laboratory is run by Jesper Greve. For any enquiries, please contact him at jgr@create.aau.dk.