Multifunctional Studio

Currently in development. A space of roughly 8,5 x 5,5x 4 meters (D,W,H) with a small integrated control room. The space is being fitted with Stage-quality black molton cloth and green-screen molton on a dual rail and lighting rig in the ceiling. The control room has a separate entrance and a one-way mirror, making it possible to use the space as a usability lab. Furthermore, there is equipment available for standard flash photography, Full-HD multichannel live video recording, green-screen recording, and basic audio recording. There will be DMX-control of all lighting sources. Later in 2015, the room is planned to include a series of eye-trackers in collaboration with DigHumLab 2.0. The room is also used for workshops in connection with various media production courses, since the space is intended as an open floor studio, where projects can be set up and taken down quickly. In due time, here are plans to further expand on the capabilities of the studio.

Location and contacts: A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, 0 (basement), Sebastian Bülow (